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Nikki Noffsinger
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Genre(s): Demons, Fantasy, Highlander, Paranormal, Romance, Vampire, Other

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Nikki Noffsinger

Marion Indiana United States

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About me

My name is Nikki Noffsinger. I have always loved books and writing the stories that come into my head. I have two titles that are currently in E-book format with XoXo Publishing: Lost To The Night Vol.1 and Cursed Awakening coming soon. I write whatever inspires me and since I was a young child I've always had a thing for my movie monsters. I always rooted for Dracula and the Wolf man. Every story has to have a villan but why did they have to be the villans? They were just trying to exsist not form a mob with pitchforks,torches, and stakes. So come see what goes bump in the night in my world!

My Blog

Hello. I have always loved books and writing. For me writing is a passion just as a blank canvas was to Degas or the piano was to Beethoven. I write everything. Some if not most of my stories are of the paranormal genre. I don't shirk away from the macabre, the dark, or the things that go bump in the night. I embrace them! I also have a love for early European history. I also love to write stories that scare the pants off someone. I hope to one day be as successful as Sherrilyn Kenyon,Lynsay Sands, Kerrilyn Sparks, and so many others. I also love to read cook books. My writing is much better than my cooking. My mentor for the past year has been Canadian award winning author, Denyse Bridger. She's been a guiding light and driving force for me. Aside from writing, I also adore movies, music, and just being out in life! I also am a roller coaster junkie. I still love to go to amusement parks and take on the biggest and baddest!

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