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Lianna Ramone
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Lianna Ramone

Carson City Nevada United States

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About me

I write stories aimed at an adult audience of 18 or older that are in no way meant for delicate readers. What I like are steamy and graphic portrayals of relations between consenting adults and that's what I write about.

My bio: Lianna Ramone's conservative upbringing left her filled with questions she was too afraid to ask. It wasn't that sex was sold as something bad ... it was simply never mentioned at all, leaving her to find the answers through her own playful experimentation. Looking back, she credits those early days for her lack of fear in trying new things and for her nonjudgmental regard to other's sexuality. She's a firm believer in the participation of consenting adults in the theory of "if it feels good and you want to..." which is reflected in her current writings.

The author now spends her days in her dream home along the waterfront of an undisclosed lake resort. Alone, or in the company of her three dogs and her companion of eight years, Lianna enjoys walking the shoreline playing out the scenes of her stories. As might be expected, her longtime partner doesn't seem to mind when she asks for his help in working things out, offering her readers a dose of reality built into her fiction. :-)

Having shared the sensual side of her storytelling with only select friends and family until she was pressed to publish them for the world to see, Lianna burst onto the erotica scene as a master at intertwining salacious and sweet. It's been said that her stories provide her readers a tantalizingly tasty treat sure to satisfy wickedly delicious appetites as they join her in the world of her imagination.

My Blog

I'm new to the world of publishing, social networking, and blogging so I hope you'll bear with me. I've been a bit of a recluse, by choice, for the past few years, living on the shores of a beautiful lake with a man who seems to understand and meet my needs for both passion and space. We're a perfect fit in many ways ;-)

I've been writing short, erotic stories for many years; some to help me sort out or remember certain escapades from my own life, others purely conjured up within the confines of my wonderfully wicked imagination. With the changing world of publishing, friends and family members began pushing me to share some of my writings, and when another friend approached me in the hopes that I'd allow him to use these stories to help with the start up of his Purple Stone Press ... how could I refuse!

Do note that I do not write for children. These stories are aimed at an adult audience of 18 or older and are in no way meant for delicate readers. What I write is steamy and graphic, just the way I like it. If that's what you're looking for then sit down, open your eyes, and let me tickle your ear...

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