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Kari Thomas
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Kari Thomas

Tucson Arizona United States

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About me

I recently moved my web pages to: www.authorkari.com to be more active. I write Paranormal Romance, but am also a confessed "Book-A-Holic" because I read everything! I love all the Romance genres, and also other fiction and non fiction genres. I am a Freelance Editor, and a Romance-Book Reviewer for several major Publishing Houses.


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I do a monthly Blog, on the 15th, at the


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Dee Gibbens


Thanks for the support, Hon.  I sent a note to my other groups because they were all so happy for me when Scott wanted to see the synopsis after reading the query.  They have all been so wonderful and supportive...and encouraging.  When you have a team of New York Times Best Sellers in your ballpark rooting for you and saying "been there, done that, I know how it feels"...it helps.  I love my ladies. 

My two epic length historical romances were turned down flat because "they are too long for an unknown writer...unmarketable". That from an editor at Sourcebooks.  Scott (the one who just gave the reject) basically told me the same thing when I met him at a local conference and suggested I switch to contemporary romance when I told him about those.  SO...that being said: I'm writing in the Contemporary Romance genre now.

TO LOVE AND PROTECT: Hero - Louisiana State Trooper; Heroine - escaped from her kidnapper who had held her prisoner in his mansion for six months as his sex slave.  Cop saves Girl and protects her from the man who wants her dead because she knows too much.

My current WIP is: FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE: Horse rancher/breeder has everything going for him until he's in a wreck that leaves him paralyzed from the waist down.  He pushes everyone out of his life: his wife, his mother, his brothers, his best friend, everyone who knows and loves him.  He loses his faith in God and sinks further and further into depression.  It's a story of hitting rock bottom, finding his faith in God again, and the struggle back to the life he had pre-accident.  In the end, he is blessed with the miracle of being able to walk again and return to his life as a full-time rancher.

I have another one in the planning stages (have done all the research over a two year span): Untitled as yet: a romance revolving around 9/11.

Any ideas??????  I'm at a total loss right now; but I'm taking Jimmy's advice and searching this site for an agent.

Hope all is well with you, Hon.  TTYL.




Dee Gibbens

I guess that the positive side of looking at it...and you will have lots of sit-down time!  I got a "reject"on a book this morning, so held a little pity party with me-myself-and-I; then went to the beauty salon and got perm.  I was pumped because this agent was really interested after seeing my query, then tells me today it isn't what he's looking for but didn't bother to expound.  Really put me in a funk...but...that goes with the territory.  Just have to try somewhere else.  I figure RNC is a good place to start looking.  As Jimmy says: the people are here, we can read their profiles, and make choices w/o the guess-work.  *whew*  OH...when is your surgery?  I hope it's a great success and that you will heal soon.  Hugs!

Dee Gibbens

OUCH!!!!  What kind of knee surgery?  I had a torn cartilege when I was in 5th grade...in those days they used chain saws!!!!  When our daughter was in high school, she had "band aid surgery" for the same thing.  We have several friends who have had knee replacements in the past few years.  It's a long recovery, but at least they're able to walk.  When are you having this done?  You will be in my prayers, Hon.

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