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Izzibella Beau
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Genre(s): Futuristic, Ghost, Historical, Paranormal, Romance, Shape-Shifter, Time-Travel, Vampire, Werewolves, Young Adult, Sports

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Izzibella Beau

Macon Georgia United States

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About me

I am an aspiring author currently residing on a farm in the U.S. I am married and have 32 children; 3 biological and 29 canine. I earned a bachelor and master degrees in criminal justice from Saint Leo University. I also have many graduate hours in the disciplines of teaching and public services. My first book Broken: Book One of the Assumption Series was released in May 2014. Since then, four other books have been released belonging to that series. The story is based on the lives of BayShore Academy high school students, Ayma and Colton and a barrage of their friends and family. After the first three books, each additional book continues with the focus on another dynamic character (s) from the series. The second series is When Separate Worlds Collide. This will be a trilogy with two of the books already out on Amazon. This is a new adult, paranormal, romance that promises to have lots of twists and turns that the reader never saw coming. The newest series out is that of Breathless. The first book has been released and is titled Just Once More. If you love stories that will make you cry, scream, curse, and fall in love then this is the series for you. Everyone has that one love in their life that they will always remember, the one that will always leave them...breathless. I enjoy writing, reading, taking long walks, playing with all my children, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am an animal lover and will contribute a portion of my royalties to animal rescue and shelters nationwide.

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