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Profession: Author

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Genre(s): Action-Adventure, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Gothic, Historical, Inspirational, Medieval, Mystery, Roman, Romance, Vampire, Viking

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Trondheim Sør-Trøndelag Norway

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About me

Helen Barth Villareal its an award winning published author born in Norway,in a little city of Moss,her heritage,on her dads side,of her family makes, her sami or lapps as also called,for most of her years as an writer she has lived in Los Angeles,California were she first found thelove of her life her husband Crow a cherokee indian,from him her prince warrior she finds the inspirations to do what she love the most in life to write. She have been on the move,all her life,been and seen places,that some can only dream of.She have meet,beautiful famous people at heart,who has become to be her friends in life.Her mainly focus is writing,but she also paint,her art work has been in Galleries, as well in different magazines.When she is not painting,she pickes up her camera and tells her own story within beautiful photographys,She had her education,at New York Institute of Photography.but life teaches her more than any school could ever do.... I have been writing as long as i can remember My grandparents told me that at the age of four, I would come to them and say, draw me this words in picturesi always wanted to write the kinds of books I loved to read: stories that made me laugh or cry, and mysteries.love,histories an different cultures.especially love When I was grown and became a published author of books my dream came true. Writing is my idea of the most wonderful job in the world, and I love it. I was first published when I was teen. some poems an proses even short stories I wrote appeared in a little magazines for teens . I sold my first article to a Norwegian magazine when I was seventeen about my life I won best written poetry the year 2001 an were awarded in Reno Nevada.In 2005 my first book COLOR OF MY SOUL were published, and in 2010 my book WHEN I DREAM were published. I've also won awards for my written work published in different collectibles books But the greatest rewards I've received are the letters I get from my fans all over the world.they are my strength and the joy in my heart.
my most Treasured memories.is When I look at my life, and see all that’s there,the collection of poetry,stories within my books ties everything together. Its beauty written down on paper by my mind It’s all self expression of my life’s story
spoken by my heart. I have written on many different feelings, yet still haven’t mastered them all. It has changed my life and my thought. I seek to it, whenever I have nowhere else to go. Its expression calms my soul and peace to my pain, my happiness, and my sadness.an of course above it all love.writing has made a powerful impact on my life and I don’t know where I would be without it....

when my script comes to life an in my deepest adventure i find myself always falling for temptations it could be dangerous sometimes to play with fire i always seem to make the most desirable chooses possible on this path in life i wander is it real or just fantasy

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