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Profession: Cover Artist

Profession Status: Getting There

Work :
Basic Cover

Rate :
$90 - $120

Work :
Manipulation Basic

Rate :
$120 - $200

Work :
Manipulation Detailed

Rate :
$200 - $300

Genre(s): 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, Action-Adventure, Angels, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Cowboy, Demons, Detective, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, Futuristic, Gay, Ghost, Gothic, Highlander, Historical, Humorous, Inspirational, Interracial: Asian, Interracial: Afr. Amer., Lesbian, Medieval, Mystery, Paranormal, Pirate, Regency, Renaissance, Roman, Romance, Sci-Fi, Scottish, Shape-Shifter, Steampunk, Stone Age, Suspense, Space, Thriller, Time-Travel, Vampire, Viking, Victorian, Werewolves, Western, Young Adult, Horror

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Melbourne Victoria Australia

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About me

Was a graphic designer for nearly 10 years then married and started a business in a totally different field taking historical activities into schools.
Still running the business I have taken up design again and working from home, I have thrown myself into digital photographic manipulation. I have been fortunate enough to have developed a relationship with a young publishing house which has given me some great exposure and I am now slowly building contacts with authors and publishers doing the occasional book cover. I've decided I really like the challenge of designing for books and also hope to move into music CD covers as well.
I dabble in photography, am a closet geek, mother of two angels and one Eclectus Parrot and can honestly say I love my work - therefore consider myself very fortunate indeed! :D

Work Descriptions:
Basic Cover (Rate:$90-$120)
Image or stock, light filtering and/or color working like gradients. basic montage/blending plus Typography.
Manipulation Basic Rate :$120 - $200
Using stock images to start creating a more detailed theme to the design. More attention to character, clothing/costume and background in keeping with the brief. More attention to gradients, filters, color and textures. Typography.
Manipulation Detailed Rate :$200 - $300
Same as Basic Manipulation but the theme/author's brief may require more particular details in the design which involved more in depth manipulation. May involve more than two characters with particular features which the author desires. Typography. If possible I work with the author to get their vision on the cover of their book.

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