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RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
Posts: 192
- I really want to help you all get roommate, as I've been asked quite a few times, but I don't want to be the one posting all your names and facebook pages, etc. So I figure it would be best for you to post your own roommate request right here, that way anyone else also looking for a roommate can look here and then write you directly to confirm if you want to be roommates.

- Rooming with at least one other person can really help on your cost, as a 'Single Occupancy Registration Package' has you in your room by yourself, or with a friend or husband who is not also getting an 'All Inclusive Registration Package', and costs you $690. But if you have a roommate who is also getting an 'All Inclusive Registration Package', that has you both at a 'Double Occupancy Registration Package' instead, which is only $550 each.

- Go to the registration pages for more details (click on any link on the registration page):

- Post in this forum if you are wanting someone to room with you. Include your facebook page and some minor info about yourself, as if you just post your name, that is like driving by a car dealership and seeing cars for sale without prices on them when you are looking for a car to buy. You won't stop at every dealership to ask them the price to all their vehicles, but if you already see the prices on them, you can already see that you like one for its price or not ;) This is also why I have it mandatory for cover artists on RomanceNovelCenter.com to post their fees on their profiles. Obviously that is not to help me, as it doesn't. It is to help the potential customer AND the potential job for the cover artists. If you don't post your fees, most will assume it is because they are too high, so they won't bother writing you to ask how much your fees are, they will just select another cover artist who does post their fees where they love their work just as well ;) What's the point of not posting your fees when you tell them anyway if they were to write you and ask? ;)

2013 Dec 07 12:12 am |Quote

Victoria Pinder
Posts: 1
If I find a roommate, I'm more likely to sign up to go. This conference sounds FUN. 

Let me know. I don't snore.

twitter is @VictoriaPinder
web site is www.victoriapinder.com

2012 Nov 23 09:11:12 am | Quote

Gwen D. Steel
Posts: 7
I have my tickets, now I need a roomie! 

www.indieauthornetwork.weebly.com   profile: G.D.Steel
or FB message :   https://www.facebook.com/G.D.SteelRomanceAuthor

I will be coming in on the Aug 6th.
2012 Dec 14 02:12:38 pm | Quote

Tambra Kendall
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I have my ticket and also need a roommate. You can private message me on facebook or send me an email at tambrakendall@att.net I'll see your message at either one of those places pretty quickly.

Tambra Nicole Kendall
2013 Feb 07 11:02:42 am | Quote

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 Emma Rose gives away free romance books all the time and they are SOOO good. Her site is http://emmaroseromance.com
2013 Dec 07 12:12:17 am | Quote

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