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Dee Gibbens
Posts: 20

"To be quite honest, Jimmy...when I saw that as a "starting" cost (not including (editor, cover artist, etc) I about choked (shows you unknowledgeable I am on the business)."

"It was about 6mos ago that I looked at this option (before I acquired an agent at a conference in March) and if I remember correctly, it was through Writer's Digest."

Just because you read an estimate cost in Writer's Digest, that doesn't make it an overall fact. Self-pubbing can cost anything from $0 to unlimited. It's not like you have to pay a $2500 club fee to be a self-pubbing author, so there are no start-up costs. For example, if you were an author, an editor and a cover artist, then all you have to do is upload your book(s) and you're done. That is without any advertising, marketing or networking, which all those things could be free as well. So the start-up costs start at $0.

The #1 cost is an editor, and you can search for one on RNC, read their profiles, see the authors they've edited for, get references from those authors, see their fees, etc. So as you see, that cost is up to you, your choice.

Next is getting a great cover, created by a professional cover artist. Again, you can look for one on RNC, viewing their profiles, the covers they've designed, their rates they charge, etc. So again, the cost for that is up to you as you are the one choosing who you want to make your cover.

You can then either learn how to format your book properly for the website you are uploading it to for sale on, or ask a friend who has done it already to help you with it, or by paying someone to do that for you, again with a search on RNC for a Book Designer.

Then you upload your book and it is now for sale. The rest is all in the marketing, networking and advertising you do online and/or offline, which again is up to you.

Many don't want to do all the self-marketing, networking and advertising themselves. They aren't computer or internet savvy, they don't have the time, etc., so in that case you may be better off going with a publisher as they will do all that stuff for you. But if your reasoning is only because you don't want to pay $2500, then you are able to self-pub yourself as I just explained   Do you really think EVERY self-pubbing author you see on here and everywhere else all paid $2500 per book they have self-published??? ;)


Noooo...I don't think that.. :}.I'm just a frustrated writer with (counting this morrning) 3 strike outs; and YES, I know it comes with the territory!!    I'm just going through a funk at the moment. Your input/advice is very helpful...and I am SO glad I found this Writer's Oasis in the middle of Writer's Desert! :}

I need an agent/mentor who, when I ask a guestion like "what do you suggest I do to fix the problem", will actually give me answer that will help instead of giving me vague answer that tells me nothing.  I'm not gettin' any younger, and I would really like to get pub'd before I die rather than after!  :}  Tonight I'll just comtemplate my next step...while I keep writing...and go from here.

**They aren't computer or internet savvy**  {Oh yes...definitely me!!!!}


2012 May 09 04:05:55 pm | Quote

Nadja Notariani
Posts: 5


All the best as you navigate new territory!  There are so many decisions to make along the way.  But it's so exciting, too!  I'm now doing something I never thought I could/would, and it's the experience of a lifetime!  You'll get there - and discover the perfect path you want to travel.  I'm no vat-of-experience-and-knowledge, but please feel free to email me if you have any questions.  If I've encountered the topic, I'd be glad to share what I've learned. 

~ Nadja

2012 May 18 09:05:37 am | Quote

RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
Posts: 192
I am SO glad I found this Writer's Oasis in the middle of a Writer's Desert! :} 

I LOVE that! Mind if I quote you on that in other places?
2012 May 20 10:05:15 am | Quote

Lynn Crain
Posts: 1

$2500 was the minumum and you didn't get much for the bucks.  

I don't know who you've been talking to but that is a highly inflated figure. No wonder your friends lost money. I have self-published two books now and haven't spent anything close to that. The first one was around $500 and that included editing by a pro, proofing by a pro, formatting by a pro, a Jimmy Thomas cover by a pro and about $200 in advertising. Now that first one was a short, less than 10K so it may have been a little low.

Now, my second one was longer but still the total cost for it was $650 and that included all the above as well as a little more. BUT the price is higher and I hope to make all that money back. 

There are a lot of scammers out there trying to make a buck off unsuspecting writers like yourself BUT if you can get into good groups like these or some fantastic yahoogroups for the self-published, they will steer you to great professionals that won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Lynn Crain

2012 Aug 03 01:08:27 pm | Quote

Novel Editor
S J Dagg
Posts: 2
You definitely don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get your book edited or a cover designed. Shop around on the Internet, get quotes, ask for references. I'm not the only editor who prices for the indie market. Self-publishing authors are not going to have a huge budget for their book. Books really do benefit from having a professional eye cast over them, no question, but I quite understand why many writers skip that step to save money.
2012 Aug 04 11:08:52 pm | Quote

Annette Gisby
Posts: 11
It depends what you want to do. I don't know what the $2,500 was quoted for. Was that a print-run, design, layout etc.?

At smashwords, you can upload your book and sell it as an ebook there and various outlets, including Barnes & Noble and Apple for free. They even give you a free ISBN or you can pay for one as well, I think it was $9.99 to buy one.

Lulu and Createspace also allow you to upload your book and sell it starting from free as well. Lulu's free option allows you to sell your book both on their site and amazon. You can pay more to have expanded distribution, I think Lulu's was around $75 and Createspace something like $35. They're good options if you can upload a print ready PDF of your book. I've used Lulu and Smashwords, I haven't used Createspace.

The two main things you want to spend money on are the cover and editing. There are some cover designers who offer reasonable prices for ebooks, with slightly more for paperbacks.

The premade covers on  romancenovelcovers.com are reasonable and they look very profressional. I wish I had enough books written to fit all of them, LOL!

I've used a premade cover from wicked cover designs, which cost $20
An I had a custom cover made from AMD design studios for only $45 (granted, that was a special offer at the time). So you don't need to break the bank to get a good cover or editing.

Take care,

2012 Aug 27 07:08:38 am | Quote

Deanna Jewel
Posts: 1
     I self-publish my books, do my covers (as well as a few for other authors), do my websites, format and upload my books to various sites and work at my own real-time business. I don't have a lot of free time nor am I always able to meet my own personal publishing deadlines...hence, I'd probably not be able to work with a publisher's deadlines for that reason. My office is very busy during our in-season hours but I'm also busy the rest of the year at the office. Guess I could safely say I'm also a control freak since I want to have a say in my covers and release dates. Good luck to those who take on self-publishing - you do need to be computer savvy!
2012 Dec 30 12:12:54 pm | Quote

Michelle Hughes
Posts: 3
Self-Published and won't ever look back.  One of my books hit the top #80 overall on Amazon this month and it proved that you don't need a publisher or even an agent to have a bestselling books.  The industry is changing so fast and we're seeing tons of self-published authors rise up the lists.  Ironically I started writing as a way to pass the time after getting laid off from my respiratory job in 2008.  My husband used to tell me if this help cure the boredom, go ahead and write.  These days his new mantra, is when are you going to sell enough books so I can retire.

The Amazon ranks change every hour, and I think realistically it gives us a better view of how people are responding to a book.  I publish on B&N, Kobo, and Ibooks as well, but Amazon is where the real results in my opinion, are told.  Growth for electronic books continues to grow so I think we'll see sales from these continue to increase as well.  The truth is if I can publish on my own and keep more profit, why would I want to turn that over to a publisher.

I've had a few contact me, not major houses, but they couldn't prove to me that there was something they could do that I haven't already managed on my own.  If you'd like to check out my work, feel free to visit my site.  www.tearsofcrimson.com
2014 Jan 21 07:01:58 am | Quote

Aspiring Author
M. F. Hopkins
Posts: 3
Self-publishing appears to be the best option for me and many others here!
2016 Jan 08 07:01:50 pm | Quote

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