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Samantha Fury
Posts: 15
I chose to use a pen name. I've had it picked out since I was sixteen and I love it.  Samantha Fury.  But, as Jimmy Thomas says always use your first and last name.  I even go a step further when I can.  I sign my name as often as possible  Samantha Fury Author of The Street Justice Series. 

You need to get your name out there, comment on blogs, on face book posts, anywhere and everywhere get your name and any taglines with it. 

Nice to meet you all, and yes here I go again 

Samantha Fury
Author of The Street Justice Series.

2012 Jul 30 11:07:37 am | Quote

Dora McAlpin
Posts: 9

I went with the pen name option but that's because I write across genres.

I didn't want someone who liked one of my books to pick up another with the same author name, only to find the book was NOTHING like the previous one. I never want to disappoint readers if I can help it, so this was just something I did to try to mitigate the risk. Still, I pull all the names together on my website, under my real name. I figure if someone's gone to the trouble to visit my page, he or she also will take the time to read the book descriptions to decide what sounds interesting based on the description and excerpts.

If you're not going to be publishing wildly different types of books, then you could go with one name.

And yours will always feel most right for you.





2012 Jul 30 08:07:40 pm | Quote

Tilly Tallis
Posts: 1
How glad am I to stumble in here today?

I am new to writing erotica although I am published in another genre under my real name.

It just seemed really strange to be writing in this new style as me.  There was of course the added incentive of hidden identity.  Don't think my aged parents would approve, and I think the humiliation would be too much for my husband among his friends.

Anyway I must trot off and find my way round..x
2012 Aug 06 05:08:13 am | Quote

RNC Administrator
Cover Model Jimmy Thomas
Posts: 192
Welcome Tilly Tallis

Jimmy Thomas - RNC
2012 Aug 06 03:08:29 pm | Quote

Aspiring Author
M. F. Hopkins
Posts: 3
Or...one can do what many authors are doing today - a short version of your real (or pen) name - using initials with a surname.
2016 Jan 08 07:01:31 pm | Quote

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