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Emma Calin
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Genre(s): Action-Adventure, Contemporary, Detective, Erotica, Mystery, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

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Emma Calin

Romsey Hampshire United Kingdom

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About me

Novelist, philosopher, blogger, poet and would be master chef. A woman eternally pedaling between Peckham and Pigalle, in search of passion and enduring romance.

Emma Calin was born in London in 1962. She currently lives in France and the UK.

She has been writing since childhood and has won numerous local, national and international prizes for poetry and short stories.

"Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance" is a love story set against a backdrop of international gambling corruption and deception. Interpol cop Anna Leyton finds herself torn between love and duty when her professional and private life intersects. A video teaser for this book is available in the right hand column of this author page, below the blog - it shows a scene from the trailer of a bedroom with the caption "desire consumes". This book is now available in both paperback and Kindle formats.

"Sub-Prime" is a prize-winning hard hitting short story about courage, exploitation and love. It is a raw and brutal exposé of life at the bottom in the aftermath of recession. Available in Kindle format which includes a downloadable audiobook

"The Chosen" is a short story set in modern times where working people struggle to keep their dreams alive. A world where the promise of love motivates desperate measures. Available in Kindle format, which includes a downloadable audiobook.

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Sep 23, 2012 Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance
Nov 20, 2012 Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance

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