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Dana Roquet
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Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical, Pirate, Renaissance, Romance, Suspense, Time-Travel

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Dana Roquet

Iowa United States

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About me

Writing had always been what I wanted to do with my life and I have begun to pursue that dream in the last year. My first novel Love's Vengeance is part one of a two part saga of the Colter family. The second part Love's Endurance is still in process.

My second project is a contemporary romance trilogy. The Heritage Time Travel Romance series, stars historical romance author Torie Mills and Dave Cameron. 'Out of the Past' is currently available and Into the Future will be out in 2013.

Also in process is a civil war romance Claire White of Cedar County Iowa.


I hugged her, and as the clock indicated our book signing was at an end, Nancy and Liz returned. We both glanced up, and then I don’t know who screamed louder, Claire or me, for walking between the two petite women was a very real-life version of my novel cover in the flesh, Jimmy Thomas!


With a copy of my own novel, Passion's Fury, bearing the autograph of Jimmy Thomas tucked carefully in the side pocket of my laptop, it was then time to bid Claire good-bye. It had been a huge day for everyone.

I handed Claire the Kindle which I had purchased for her and her online library was loaded with Shanna by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, among others.

“When you get home, charge this up right away, and I want you to read On the Island first. I think you will love it. The hero is a cancer survivor, just like you. I’ll be waiting for your review. Shoot me an email. Okay?”

“I will, Torie. Thank you so much for spending this time with me. If I do get better, I hope to become an author just like you.”

“You will, sweetie. And I promise that I’ll give your first finished novel to my agent.” I hoped against all hope I would have a chance to make that promise come true.

We had exchanged all our digits and email addresses. I had Claire’s Facebook info, and I provided her parents with Nancy’s information regarding the Neumann Mills 2012 Charity Trust. Nancy assured them they could expect a letter from one of the lawyers from her firm to get the ball rolling on our mutual venture.

We took several photos for Liz and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and I made Nancy take a photo with all our cell phones of Claire, Jimmy, and me together. We all made it our phone background photo right then and there.

Jimmy gave a last kiss on the cheek to Claire and me and had to make a quick exit before he caused a riot. More likely, he would have been sexually molested, right there in the middle of the book store, by a rapidly growing gathering of adoring female fans.

My Blog

December 11, 2012

Sign up to win an autographed copy of Out of the Past on goodreads, through Jan 20th.


November 21

Favorite Excerpt from Love's Vengeance

Desiree gasped in shock, turning her face away from his; his breath was warm and clean against her cheek. He made an almost animal growling noise in his throat. He thinks I'm a trollop! she screamed silently within her mind.

“Name you price my dear. I am a very generous man when it comes to such fine quality.” His lips moved to the side of her neck and his thumbs moved over the bodice of her gown lightly.

Desiree came to life—outraged by his familiarity. His arrogance made her quake with anger, “You swine!” she spat, finding her voice, “How dare you!” With a shriek, her tiny foot found his large one and she stamped on his instep with all her might.

“Damn!” he yelped, picking up his foot and falling back a pace.

The shocked expression on his outrageously handsome face told Desiree that he was not accustomed to being denied and before he could resume his assault, she struck out with all her strength. The slap could easily be heard at all parts of the vessel.

“How dare you—you slimy rogue. The likes of you—trifling with me! You—you blackguard!” Desiree spat then with both hands, heaved against the stunned man, catching him off balance as he favored his aching foot and he fell back from her, tripping on a coil of rope and landing with a thud in the midst of the coil. Desiree ran around him, then along the ship to the plank and down to the dock, as the sound of riotous laughter followed in her wake.

The surprised captain lifted his tall frame from the deck and rubbed the sting from his cheek. A smile played about his lips and he chuckled to himself. He hadn’t expected that from the lady.

Laughter sounded around him and he looked up at the two men on the crosstree of the mainsail. In a fit of glee both men held weakly onto the sheet, bracing themselves against the mast. He outstretched his arms, shrugging his shoulders with a wide grin, which brought renewed chuckles from up and down the ship.

“All right—shows over gents!” he laughed, “Let’s get this tub loaded. We sail on the morning tide or had all of you forgotten that?”

As the men resumed their duties, he made his way to the rail and watched the young lady grasp another woman by the arm and walk briskly down the waterfront. He clicked his tongue in appreciation, then chuckling to himself, went back to his work.

Desiree raced down the gangplank with her gown lifted in one hand so as not to impede her departure, head held high and back straight as a board. Her mouth was set in a grim, hard line as she snatched Bridgett firmly by the elbow, heading off down the docks.

“That lecherous swine—how dare…” Desiree fumed under her breath, “Come below—eh? Well…”

“My dear you are red as a beet! Tell me what is wrong. What happened?” Bridgett fretted, taking quick, short steps to keep up with Desiree and prevent her arm from being torn from its socket.

“That beast took me for—he tried to—Oh never mind!” Desiree shook her head, trying to rid herself of the distasteful scene, “Let’s inquire at the next ship. This time, you accompany me!” She managed a strained smile and arm in arm; the two climbed the plank to the deck of the Caravel

Nov 10

Awesome 5 star review on Amazon. Beyond Thriller
Great story about life,love,time travel & loss.Emotional roller coaster ride for sure! There were parts where the tears just flowed and parts where you had to laugh.The characters are so lovable and real to life form.I really enjoyed this book and was in awe at the way the author had so much going on in the story line but kept me interested without losing me.

I'm not really into time travel books but this one had such an awesome twist to it that it made it seem real.And the true love between the characters Dave and Torie,was beyond awesome!Watching the love grow between them and watching Torie learn to trust her feelings was great. *Be warned...If you don't care hot steamy love scenes,you may want to skip those pages.I highly recommend this you read this awesome book on love,loss and going back in time.You won't be sorry!

Nov 1

Out of the Past is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

Torie Mills is beautiful, successful and a New York Times best-selling historical romance author. Determined to find some solace from her fast paced and demanding life, she decides to move to Mahaska County, Iowa—a mile outside of the tiny town of Fremont and into her great-great-grandparent’s old homestead. Her plan is to restore the property to its 1870 glory days.

She hires handsome, renovation expert Dave Cameron to do the work and together they bring the old Victorian house back to life. When Torie moves in, she discovers that restoring the house has opened a portal into the past. Time traveling each night to the Fremont of old, becomes her wonderful escape and her secret obsession.

When she and Dave become lovers, he gets swept into the travels as well—until they both realize, much too late, that there was evil in the past that would have been better left alone…

Aug 5
Completed my giveaway event on Amazon. 17,200 downloads. I am happy with that number, just hope I get some positive reviews. I think my cover had everything to do with the number of downloads. I have started to download some of the free myself, just today. I found 2 that interested me. What drew me in THE COVER.


My novel Love's Vengeance is available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback.

About Love's Vengeance

Eighteen year old Desiree Chandelle comes from a sheltered and pampered home, with an adoring father that has grudgingly agreed to forgo arranged marriage and allow her the freedom to choose a husband when inclined. Desiree has yet to experience her first taste of romance or love, but has a childish notion that her true love will be the knight in shining armor of her romantic dreams.

Captain Stephen Colter is a rakish womanizer who has been at sea and traveling the world since his fifteenth year and who has never considered women as more than a momentary distraction, an amusement.

When these two worlds collide, it is life changing for them both. She is not prepared when she finds herself desired by a flesh and blood man who wants her desperately. He is not prepared for the passion that he unlocks, when her forced submission becomes a welcoming response that takes his breath away.

For Stephen, he has no doubt that Desiree—is his destiny. But it will take all his wits to keep at bay, the evil that is determined to take her from him. And all his patience to wait for Desiree to grow up and accept that the love he is offering, will never waiver and never fail.

Their saga takes them from Rouen France, to the colonies of America, to Somerset Bermuda and the Spanish Main where they find an unlikely ally in the legendary pirate Captain Red Legs Greaves and his crew of outlaws. But in the end it will still come down to one man and his battle to transform Love’s Vengeance to pure Love.

A favorite Excerpt of mine

“Stephen?” Desiree called softly.

“Yes!” he growled from his desk, where he attempted to add the same column of figures for the tenth time and for the tenth time had been interrupted.

He looked across to the berth and smiled warmly. Desiree lay upon her stomach, in one of his shirts that seemed to swallow her up and one trim leg was flexing at the knee. Her chin rested against her palm, and she was leafing through the heavy bound book that she had once used as a weapon against him.

They painted a very domestic scene and after only days in her good graces, he had to admit he had never known such ease with a woman or such a sense of belonging. She would putter about the cabin, or come up behind him and drape her arms about his shoulders while he worked at this desk and kiss his neck, or tumble into the tub with him and he knew she was what he had been searching for in his life. It would be some time before he could allow himself to express to her all the emotions she was stirring in him—but one day…

“How can you stand to be at sea so much of your life?” she asked, returning his warm smile.

“I don’t see it as a drudgery—if that’s what you mean.” Stephen offered, as he closed the ledger, blew out the candle and rose from the desk, deciding to give up trying to work for the night.

He pulled his shirt off over his head throwing it into a chair, closed her book, tossing it onto the floor and slipped into bed beside her while continuing in answer to her question, “My problem has always been to understand how anyone could stay on dry land their entire lives.”

Desiree crawled into his arms, draping her body over his and resting her cheek against his chest. His hand ran through her hair which was fanned out across her back. “Lonely though.” She decided.

“I never thought so, until now,” He confessed lightly, “You make it much more interesting.”

Desiree moved to the crook of his arm and sighed drowsily. She moved her hand over his furry chest and the trickle of hair leading downward, then her fingers plucked at the fastener of his breeches, “Are you ready to retire or are you going to go back over there and ignore me?” she asked with a laugh.

Stephen rose, removing his breeches and tossing them across the room then he slipped back into bed. With a growl, he pinned Desiree beneath his frame as he began to unbutton her oversized shirt, one button at a time while placing a kiss on each inch of soft flesh exposed as he descended.(less) "

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Nov 04, 2012 Out of the Past
Nov 06, 2012 Love's Vengeance
Mar 05, 2014 Into the Future

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