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Now Playing: Corn Silk Days, Iowa, 1862

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  • Iowa, 1862.... The dramatic story of two families, four generations, during a time when the United States is seriously divided by war, North against South, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother, son against father; slave against slave-owner—a distressful time of upheaval, tragedy, heartbreak, and death. In the summer of 1862, Iowa farmer, Silas Storm, volunteers for the Union Army and his wife, Elizabeth Jane, pregnant with their second child, must maintain their farm and meet the many challenges the absence of her husband creates. Four generations of Silas's family and extended family discover their lives changing drastically while facing adversity and challenges: family secrets, denials, fears, forbidden love, death, and grief. Like Silas Storm on the battlefield finding courage to dodge the next Rebel bullet, they, too, must deal with their fears and transform those fears into courage. Will they be able to survive? Or will it be their defeat? Will love win out, or will circumstances destroy love? Available in print and Kindle at amazon.com Copyright 2012 by Linda Pendleton. Cover models Jimmy Thomas and Jen Carter; Cover Artist, Judy Bullard at www.customebookcovers.com

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