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Callie Hutton
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Callie Hutton

Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States

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About me

My first love is being a mom. Second, reading, which naturally segued into writing–for me, anyway.

I’ve been making up stories since elementary school, and writing gave me a way to turn off the voices in my head. I’ve had a number of articles and interviews published over the years, and about two years ago, decided to put it to the test and write a book.

Although I’ve lived in several states, Oklahoma is where I’ve hung my hat for the last several years, but I hail from New Jersey. I’m an Okie-Jersey girl. And proud of it.

I love my animals, two rescue dogs and a rescue cat, as well as my son’s dog who is temporarily living with us—along with my son. My daughter, Anna, still lives at home while she works on her Law Enforcement degree at Oklahoma State University. Add to our group my hubby of thirty-five years, and things are always hopping.

You can catch me hanging out at Facebook, Twitter- @CallieHutton, and here. Stop by sometime and say hello.

My Blog

Many times when I finish a book, I close the cover with a sense of loss. During the time I spent with the characters I came to love them, and want to know ‘what happens next?’ Oh, I have a satisfied feeling when everything works out for the tortured hero and heroine, but what about tomorrow? Or next Christmas? After I’ve invested all that emotion, do they just disappear? Then, in my sorrow, I do an internet search and find—A SEQUEL!

Yeah! I can re-visit my characters, and have a whole new experience with the people I was introduced to in Book #1. My favorite kind of author is one who does sequels. You begin the book with a frame of reference. You know the hero in this book is the younger brother of the last book’s heroine. Or her cousin, or his sister. So you settle in pretty quickly, like you’re visiting an old friend.

When I wrote A Run For Love, I had no intention of doing sequels. But when a couple of my beta readers said they were so sorry when it ended, I realized with four nieces and nephews, I had plenty of material to work with.

Thinking it would be cool to get a Christmas novella out, I wrote A Wife By Christmas, using Ellie, the youngest niece. Naturally, once my publisher accepted that one, I sat down and did outlines for the other three. Right now I just finished Michael’s story, A Prescription For Love. That will be released sometime in October, 2012. Next will be Rachel, and lastly Hunter.

It’s also fun writing sequels. I laugh when I have scenes where characters from previous books pop up. They’re still as feisty and funny as before. It’s nice to visit with them again.

How do you feel about sequels? Do you like them, or do you prefer a whole new cast of characters?

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Mar 29, 2012 A Run For Love
Jun 26, 2012 Tessa's Treasures

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