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Ally Robertson
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Profession: Cover Artist

Profession Status: Established

Work :
Cover Art

Rate :
$50.00 to 200.00

Work :
Print Book Formatting

Rate :
$50.00 to $100.00

Work :

Rate :
$50.00 per 10k words

Genre(s): All


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Ally Robertson

Burnaby British Columbia Canada

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About me

Hello,My name is Ally Robertson.I have twenty-four published covers under my belt. After working as a publisher for several years, I picked up some good insight as to what will best sell and depict your story into one dynamic cover. Each is a work of art, meticulously planned, with elements methodically placed to tell the reader with one look, what they can expect to find on the pages within. Each cover should draw the reader in with a desire to know more.Every author has a vision of their cover in their mind, the feelings they want the reader to experience, the subtle clues and images that will help the reader chose their book. When creating a cover I will first listen to what the author describes, I will read some of the story, scan through excerpts or passages, find out every detail that may help to create something special. The author is consulted during the whole process and their ideas are explored.My prices vary depending on the type of stock art images used, their prices, how many are needed and compensation of my time creating it.Publishers...I am available to take on both freelance or contracted work. Paid work in cash or contracted with promise of royalties from sales.I also do some proofreading and can format any book into a printable book or ebook.

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